by Steve Liddick

I don’t know how you define the American Dream, but my dream is to have a hundred-acre ranch far from what we jokingly refer to as “civilization.”

If we had that much land, I would draw a huge X on the property map. Where the lines intersect I would build my dream house.

We already have a small ranch. I used to call it a horse ranch, but we don’t have horses anymore, so we’re back to trying to justify calling it a ranch at all.

With a hundred acres we would be surrounded by a large amount of absolutely nothing. It would have to be fenced, of course. Without a fence, hunters tend to believe my property is their property during hunting season.

My wife says that’s too much property to maintain. I say the acre or so with the house and outbuildings is all that will need maintenance. The rest can just sit there and be a buffer zone.

Of course, we couldn’t shed all of what civilization offers. I have to have U.S. Postal and UPS delivery services. An Internet connection is a must and at least a couple of bars showing on my cell phone. At my advancing age, nearby health care would be handy. Also, I don’t want to have to drive too far for groceries or live beyond the point where my electrician, plumber, and appliance repair people would be willing to drive.

I know, I know. You’re saying you want to get away from it all without getting away from all of it.

Hey, it’s my American Dream and I’ll dream what I like.


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Steve LiddickAuthor of “All That Time,” “Old Heroes,” “Prime Time Crime,” “Sky Warriors,” “But First This Message: A Quirky Journey in Broadcasting,” “A Family Restaurant is No Place for Children,” “Campsite Gourmet: Fine Dining on the Trail and on the Road,” and “Eat Cheap: A Cookbook and Guide To Stretching Your Food Budget Dollars.”