“Old Heroes” is the story of two elderly WWII army veterans living in a senior care home. Retired Col. Tom KelseOLD HEROES - Platformy is being held there by a vindictive daughter-in-law who wants to control his money and to make his life as miserable as possible. Retired Sgt. Andy Stubbs also lives at the facility to be with his old commanding officer and friend. Both feel that the elderly are not valued and are treated as invisible. They hear of a reunion of their old fighting outfit in the war in the Pacific and conspire to travel there. An air tour of some of their old battlegrounds goes wrong when modern day Moro guerillas force a crash landing of their plane. Once on the ground they and their elderly comrades find themselves in a combat once more, 40 years after “their” war. The challenge is to survive and to prove to the world that they have value.


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“All That Time,” is available in bookstores and on all the major on-line booksellers in both paperback and digital formats.

“All That Time” is a time travel novel that finds Ted McBride, a 55-year-old university computer science professor, returning to his adolescence to get everything right that went wrong the first time.

About the Author

Steve Liddick spent nearly a half century as a print and broadcast journalist, primarily in the Los Angeles and New York City radio markets as a news anchor. He now writes full-time and has authored three novels, a camping cookbook, and a memoir of his radio days.

cookbook, cooking, food, campingCAMPSITE GOURMET: Fine Dining on the Trail and on the Road

Campsite Gourmet is a camper-friendly cookbook designed to enhance the outdoor experience for the RV, tent, boat, backpack and hunting camp cook. Author Steve Liddick believes camp food should be of better quality and have more taste appeal than standard camp cuisine, yet not be a lot of hassle in what are often less than ideal conditions.


“This will definitely give our outings a new twist other than the same old hamburgers, hotdogs, etc., etc.” – Diana, Lexington, Virginia

“Just what I was looking for!” – Chantelle, Marianna, Florida

“Great book!!!” – Ron, Hololulu, Hawaii