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“Old Heroes” is the story of two elderly WWII army veterans living in a senior care home. Retired Col. Tom Kelsey is being held there by a vindictive daughter-in-law who wants to control his money and to make his life as miserable as possible. Retired Sgt. Andy Stubbs also lives at the facility to be with his old commanding officer and friend. Both feel that the elderly are not valued and are treated as invisible. They hear of a reunion of their old fighting outfit in the war in the Pacific and conspire to travel there. An air tour of some of their old battlegrounds goes wrong when modern day Moro guerillas force a crash landing of their plane. Once on the ground they and their elderly comrades find themselves in a combat once more, 40 years after “their” war. The challenge is to survive and to prove to the world that they have value.


All That Time is a time travel novel that finds Ted McBride, a 55-year-old university computer science professor, returning to his adolescence to get everything right that went wrong the first time. The question is: if and when he returns to his own time, will any changes he made during the trip 40 years into his past, have carried forward?


Gary Mansfield and Katt Li are part of a TV news field reporting team. Not content merely to report on crime stories, Gary and Katt investigate and solve the crimes they were sent to cover. They often defy their news director who fears they will be in danger and–more important–that they will get the television station sued. Of course, they do get in dangerous situations. Complicating matter further, Gary and Katt have feelings for each other beyond that of co-workers. But neither has acted on it.


Two men from very different backgrounds are living unsatisfying lives. Jeff Burke is a flight instructor and a man who grew up in a family of modest means. He has worked hard for everything he has. Pete Sunderland grew up rich, the son of a wealthy man of dubious reputation. He is searching for a more meaningful existence. Pete talks Jeff into joining him on a cross-country trip as an accelerated flight training adventure. At the same time, they hope to learn what is missing from their lives. Along the way, they encounter Native Americans who live in poverty and who don’t know how to pull themselves out of it.


Campsite Gourmet is a camper-friendly cookbook that also offers  tips to enhance the outdoor experience for the RV, tent, boat, backpack and hunting camp cook. Author Steve Liddick believes camp food should be of better quality and have more taste appeal than standard camp cuisine, yet not be a lot of hassle in what are often less than ideal conditions.


Eat Cheap is a cookbook and guide to stretching the family’s food budget dollars. It is a collection of delicious recipes with the pocketbook in mind. This fixed-menu concept has the family food preparer set up a list of 30-dinners. When the last dish is served, the cook starts back at the beginning. The use of leftover is emphasized as a way to save money and to get the best use out of the food that is purchased.


But First This Message is a chronicle of Steve Liddick’s nearly half-century in the broadcasting business. Liddick starts out his working life as a photographer. He later changes his name professionally to Steve Fredericks. His career meanders into the radio business. It begins at a small FM classical radio station in St. Petersburg, Florida. He finds his way to Nashville, Tennessee, Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York, and back to California at Sacramento, where he retired to a ranch and writes full time.


A Family Restaurant is No Place for Children is a showcase for the wit and wisdom of author Steve Liddick’s mother. Ruth Liddick was a wise and funny woman who passed what she knew along to her children. The always-thoughtful, often-funny book gives the reader plenty to think about–and laugh about.


The View From Over The Hill began as a blog. Author Steve Liddick’s friends urged him to turn it into a book. The collection of essays vary in subject matter to include pet peeves, philosophical meanderings, and observations on life from the perspective of a man who occasionally believes that humans may have a chance of survival.

Books by Steve Liddick:

Steve LiddickAuthor of “All That Time,” “Old Heroes,” “Prime Time Crime,” “Sky Warriors,” “But First This Message: A Quirky Journey in Broadcasting,” “A Family Restaurant is No Place for Children,” “Campsite Gourmet: Fine Dining on the Trail and on the Road,” and “Eat Cheap: A Cookbook and Guide To Stretching Your Food Budget Dollars.”