(updated every Wednesday)

by Steve Liddick

With all the important issues troubling the world, one of my pet peeves probably should not hold a place of great weight.

But I need to at least go on record as having objected to the use of the word “the” in front of so many entities.

Like “Smokey The Bear.” I mean, nobody calls John Smith “John The Human.”

Smokey is a bear. Therefore, the proper form of referring to him is: “Smokey Bear.”

That goes for the nation of Crimea. How many times have we heard about happenings in “The Crimea?” Nobody says “The Russia,” which is Crimea’s next door neighbor. Nobody says “The Alabama” or “The New York.”

As my grandfather often said, “this is something up with which I will not put.”

So spread the word all of you members of the Language Police. “The” has no place in front of the names of nations, states, people, or bears.

If I have to go door-to-door to do it, I vow to reeducate every one of my fellow residents of the error of their ways here in The California.




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