by Steve Liddick

Maybe it’s a “guy” thing in general, but I know it is a personal thing that I am not especially concerned about germs. Not bugged about bugs, you might say.

Oh, I do take precautions about some kind of germs; I wash my hands when returning from errands to try to eliminate the flu or the screamin’ meemies one picks up at the grocery store or the post office or mingling with those little two-legged petri dishes known as—children. They absorb every germ in the universe and share them generously with others.

I am, however, a firm believer in the ten-second rule as applied to picking up a dropped food item and I am especially convinced we are overly fastidious when it comes to our coffee makers. My wife regularly runs vinegar through hers and scours the pot feverishly, as though the Black Death is lurking in that particular appliance.

I, on the other hand, have used the same coffee cup since the last century, dumping out the previous day’s leftovers and filling it with the new brew. The last time I cleaned my office coffee maker was when ants got into it. I can abide some germs, but I draw the line at ants.

I figure my grandmother’s theory of germ control—“heat purifies”—is good enough for me. I mean, she lived to be really old.

I’m not saying that scum is particularly appetizing, but we don’t have to get so worked up about it. Germs have feelings, too, you know.

I’m pretty firm in my sanitation theory as applied to coffee makers and cups. I’m still working on the question of why women live longer than men.


Books by Steve Liddick:

Steve LiddickAuthor of “All That Time,” “Old Heroes,” “Prime Time Crime,” “Sky Warriors,” “But First This Message: A Quirky Journey in Broadcasting,” “A Family Restaurant is No Place for Children,” “Campsite Gourmet: Fine Dining on the Trail and on the Road,” and “Eat Cheap: A Cookbook and Guide To Stretching Your Food Budget Dollars.”


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