Remember your first car? It was more than a car, really. It was freedom. It expanded your world from the neighborhood you walked around in, the town you rode a bicycle in. Now you could go to the horizon and beyond. Well, you could go as far as your gas budget would take you and that little band of youthful friends. And the car came into your life just about the same time as you were getting more interested in the opposite gender. That was another world expander of a sort. Nothing like that first car. And no car since then has meant as much. Ever think about what happened to that first car?  Ever wonder what  happened to that band of pals? Ever think about that first gender opposite? Ever wonder what happened to all those years that went by so fast since that first car?


One thought on “YOUR FIRST CAR

  1. My first car was a BRIGHT orange Pontiac Sunbird, manual transmission. Bought it for $1,000 in 1980, was a senior in high school. Reason for the manual was because my mom couldn’t borrow it because she didn’t know how to drive stick-shift.

    The interior was pure white and I learned my lesson to never buy anything white again (not even clothing)! Also, I had a landline phone that I kept in the front seat and pretended I was talking while driving…turned many heads. 🙂

    What happened to it? About three years later, I purchased a brand new, fire-engine red Toyota Celica hatchback and asked my younger brother to sell the Sunbird, with us splitting the money. He wrecked it one night instead. I have yet to forgive him!

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